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Bowen Therapy Servicing Kenmore

Hand Massage

Conveniently located less than 10 minutes outside of Kenmore, in Anstead.

Just Be Bowen Therapy offers tailored, one-on-one Bowen Therapy sessions to bring your body out of pain and back into BE-ing.  

Most Bowen Therapy sessions take between 30 to 60 mins, each consisting of a unique collection of moves and procedures. Sessions are generally completed on a therapy table, however, the balance can be completed sitting or even standing if required.  Every effort is taken to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable environment, so you can let go and receive the healing you need, when you need it most.  


Bowen Therapy session:  $80

Children's Bowen session: $50

Baby Bowen session: $30

Couples Bowen session: $140

Give your body the best gift and book a session today.  


Have questions or would like to book a session?
Send me a message below and I will be happy to assist. 

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